Sent to President Obama the following email via website:


I voted for you, but am MOST distraught at one of your most unenlightened, uninformed, and wholly, forgive me for being so impolitic and candid, your utmost STUPID decisions lately. I will be posting this missive publicly regardless of what other people may think and the consequences forthwith which shall follow.

I refer to your complete mismanagement of our space program (and I have to deride at your wholly insipid comment in your State of the Union address about "the Sputnik Minute").

How can you have canceled the Mars Mission?
The new space shuttle?
The moon program?

What are you thinking?
Or not, based on your inept advisers?

It is obvious, unfortunately.

The only president who truly supported our "manifest destiny", after we finished the assimilation of the American continent, was President John F. Kennedy.
Albeit, alas, inspired by the Cold War, there was so much more potential after the initial missions which were not followed through.

What have you done? NASA will lay off thousands of amazing scientists, engineers, and support personnel.

This will have reverberations you DO NOT PERCEIVE for our economy.

The space program has stimulated major technological advances for our country.

Who will now want to go into advanced astronomical
engineering, such as building spacecraft (I'm sorry, I really don't see it happening as a MAJOR emphasis in the commercial sector, regardless of some hype in the media). AND - the spawn-offs in technology - proven from NASA programs which were developed for use on our planet.

Why can we give close to $800 billion dollars to the miscreants on Wall Street? And other greedy enterprises who mismanage our economy?

Let's allocate a TRILLION to the space program.

Let's strip mine the moon instead! - not blast mountains in Appalachia or having China destroy its environment with its pollution drifting over the Pacific to our country!!!

We must go out into space in major multiply focused missions for as we expand, resources on our planet, with current technology and environmental devastation, are UNSUSTAINABLE. PERIOD.

People may refute my views, stating we should have these funds to help those on Earth.

BUT, what if Ferdinand and Isabella thought to do so the same for Spain and never funded Columbus?


Change this policy.

I implore you to reconsider and Make It So.

Respectfully and Quite Frankfully,

Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj

POSTED TO: on 201102.01